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About me

I'm Arthur Silber, an IT-Systems Engineering student with broad interests and the desire to deepen my knowledge in state-of-the-art technology and research. Passionate about creating soft- and hardware solutions and innovations.

Currently, my focus lies on web development with Node.js + Express and Three.js for 3D stuff on the client side.

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Work Experience

since 10/2014

Bachelor’s project at the chair for human computer interaction: Web-based service for faster prototyping by combining 3d-printing with low-fidelity fabrication techniques
(→ brickify)

since 9/2014

Teaching assistant at the chair for human computer interaction
Tasks: development of a 3D framework (→ Mtq3D) for interactive floors and supporting 40 students developing applications with it in the class “designing interactive systems”

since 2013

Freelance developer with focus on Html 5, Node.js and Android development
(→ See-online, Hotelapp)


Several vacation jobs at the International Solar Energy Research Center, Konstanz
Tasks: production, characterisation and documentation as well as testing of experimental solar cells and new solar cell concepts.


Internship at the International Solar Energy Research Center, Konstanz


Social internship at the Caritas, Konstanz
Tasks: supervising and motivationg a group of 7 mentally challenged people at a Caritas care home


since 2012

Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam: IT-Systems Engineering (B.Sc.)
(a highly competitive, privately founded public institute affiliated with the University of Potsdam)
Anticipated graduation date: 07/2015

2003 - 2012

Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium, Konstanz, Germany
Abitur, final GPA 1.0 (1.0 is best, 4.0 worst)

Achievements and Awards


Award for outstanding social commitment for the student society for photography


  • 2nd prize at the federal stage of “Jugend Forscht”, Germanys biggest junior research competition (~2000 competing entries).
    Invented and prototyped a device which helps teachers and students in science class (→GTR-Print). This included a patent application and an invitation to present at various technical fairs in Germany and a political festivity in Brussels.
  • Several awards at highschool graduation for outstanding grades and social commitment


  • Several awards at the local and state level of “Jugend Forscht” for various science projects, e.g. the fabrication and research on supraconductors
  • Speaker at various scientific events for school students

Social Commitment

since 2/2013

Team leader of the student society for photography:
organization and realization of workshops for fellow students, support of the institute’s PR-departement at events

up to 2012 (high school)

  • Team leader of the yearbook comitee:
    organisation, layouting and financial responsibility
  • Team leader and speaker of the students council’s PR-team:
    responsible for all publications released to students, teachers and the public, responsible for the website


Languages (human)

  • German (mother tongue)
  • fluent English spoken and written (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, level C2)
  • basic knowledge of French (level B1)

Languages (programming)

  • Web-backend with Coffeescript, Node.js, Express and MySQL
  • Web-Frontend with three.js, Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Mobile apps with Java and C# (Xamarin) for Android
  • Desktop applications with C++ (Qt) and C#


  • Web design with HTML/CSS (jade/less)
  • Print/Photography: profound knowledge in llustrator, Lightroom and Photoshop


  • μC programming with C/C++
  • 3d-design with Autodesk Inventor
  • USB-protocol reverse engineering and implementation
  • designing PCBs (Eagle) and SMD soldering


  • Administration of 3 linux web&mail servers


I write about things that others might consider useful. Recent posts are:


This is a selection of projects I did in the last few years.
Some of them can also be found on my GitHub profile).

Currently under construction


3D-framework for interactive floors


Customer satisfaction analytics for hoteliers


Physically correct wave simulation


Object recognition and tracking with Kinect


In my free time, I enjoy taking photos - 130.000 after 11 years to be more precise.

Have a look at some of them!


I am happy to hear from you. Just drop me a line at  

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